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Pete Toogood "I wear my 'warpaint' to show my dedication and loyalty. Not for attention or to show off."

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Pete Toogood "I wear my 'warpaint' to show my dedication and loyalty. Not for attention or to show off."

Post  Toon Stig on Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:18 pm

Pete Toogood's Interview With The Toon Stig

By Toon Stig

Pete Toogood can be recognised in crowds for his black and white striped face paint.
Yesterday he attended the Open Day at St. James' Park having a day he will always remember.


1. What are your thoughts
on Newcastle's current

2. What would it mean to
you as a fan to see
Newcastle win silverware?

3. Pardew used the phrase
'the no.1 fan' about you
yesterday. How does that
feel and do you see
yourself as this or do you
you contribute to the unity
of the Newcastle fans?

4. Where do you feel
Newcastle will finish this

5. Has your
perception of Mike Ashley
and Alan Pardew changed
in any way?

6. How do the
Newcastle fans differ to
rival fans of Sunderland?


1. Its been an excellent
start to the season. Im not
suprised to see us in the
top 4. We have an
excellent team with
quality. We deserve to be
where we are.

2. To see the mighty Mags
lift something is something
we all want to see. Not
just 1 trophy but a few.
Since the success of the
championship, we need
more major trophies. The
league cup would have
been nice but there is still
the FA cup left, you never
Its the day we will all be
delighted to see.

3. That was the greatest
day of my life. To be
pulled out of the crowd an
hear the crowd lift behind
me. It was so
overwhelming that when i
had the chance to say a
few words, i didnt know
what to say apart from
"We are the best fans in
the world." that
microphone echos so
much though they could
hardly understand.
I wear my 'warpaint' to
show my dedication and
loyalty. Not for attention
or to show off. Then i also
do it for the Toon Army.
We have the reputation of
being the best fans, and
the other reason i do what
i do is to fuel that. Im so
proud to be a Geordie
and i love to embrace it.

4. I think its to early to
make a prediction where
Newcastle will finish. I
think if we are anywhere
near where we are now
come christmas, then who
knows. I would predict
Europe though. Its got to
be a target for us. We
need to be back to where
we belong as a club.
Competing at the very
top, and i think where on
the way.

5. The way i feel with Mike
Ashley, is that i like how
hes made us a healthy
financial side. He does
actually deserve credit for
that. Then i dont like what
hes doing to the stadium,
with the many 'sports-' signs. It looks
horrible and i really dont
like it, and he hardly
connects with the fans so
your left in the dark with
Alan, i love Alan. Hes a
top man and deserves alot
of credit for what hes
done here, under the
circumstances he came in.
At first i was wary, mostly
because of the Shock of Hughtons
sacking. However, Alan
has has done a fantastic
job and thats been
recognised from the fans.
Hopefully now we have
some stability and can
move up and up.

6. I think without a doubt
Newcastle will always be
the top dogs, and
5under1and will always be
in our shadow. I think they
struggle to come to terms
with that. I really dont get
on with them and have no
connections with that side
of the river what so ever.
No Mackems allowed for
me. I think there jealous
that the bigger and better club are their
rivals. Not to mention,
more mental, mad, and
loyal fans. I for one stand
for everything Newcastle
is about. Im the most die-
hard fan youl ever meet
and i would literally die
for this glorious place. I
call it mother Newcastle.
Im so proud to be a
Geordie and will be
forever more.

Serving the Toon Army Smile
Toon Stig

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